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For fathers across the entire United States, establishing and maintaining a legal relationship can be more difficult than an emotional relationship. This can be directly related to the circumstances involved. Unfortunately, the mother of your child may use the child as leverage to get more child support payments. Other times a father may not admit that he is the father of a child so that he has no obligation to the child whether the obligation is legal of financial. Each of these situations can be remedied with the help of a skilled family law attorney handling paternity lawsuits. If you have concerns regarding your parental rights or obligations, or question the validity of the child being yours, please email our team of family law lawyers right away. They possess many years experience handling all types of family law cases, including paternity lawsuits.

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Determining Parentage 

A father will often times acknowledge paternity through his actions, behaviors and interactions with the child or children. Deducing that he is the biological father is very easy to deduce. Other times he may sign a written, legally binding document as a means of claiming parentage. Sometimes however establishing paternity is not always so cut and dry. In situations where the actions and behaviors on the fathers part do not demonstrate or acknowledge parentage seeking legal recourse may the only way to establish paternity. This will ideally also benefit the child as well as it will be cared for on various levels.

A very common method of uncovering parentage is through DNA testing. There are several ways a DNA test can be carried out such as through blood tests or oral swab samples. After parentage is determined the courts will enter a court ordered child support payment schedule.

Let Our Paternity Attorneys Help You

Raising a child is difficult enough even when it is an ideal situation between the mother and the father. If you add finger pointing, placing blame, infidelity  or other unpleasant emotions into the equation it can get very complex, and very dysfunctional, very quickly. Working with and retaining an experienced paternity lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected and that the best situation for the child will come about legally through the courts.

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Call our Domestic Law Attorneys regarding your Delaware Paternity Lawsuit. You may reach a Paternity Lawsuit Lawyer via email here. As your legal counsel will protect your rights and your reputation. Contact them today to arrange a consultation.

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