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Fathers Rights

Fathers rights lawyers

At times for a father it may be very frustrating when in a child custody and or child visitation battle. It may appear as though that Florida courts are always in favor of the mother. In addition, it may also seem that there unlimited free or cost effective legal resources at the mothers disposal when trying to work through a child custody or visitation agreement. That is not necessarily the case in the state of Florida as there have been many changes in the law in recent times. If you are a father and are concerned about your rights in terms of visitation, child support or determining parentage it makes sense for you to speak with a skilled and experienced fathers rights lawyers and fathers rights attorneys. Please feel free to contact the family law attorneys at our firm. They will do everything necessary to protect your rights and obtain you the most favorable outcome. Our family law attorneys realize the unique legal needs of a father. They will strive to obtain the most favorable and beneficial outcome possible for you as well as your child.

Shared Custody Orders

When a marriage or relationship ends one of the best actions you can take regarding your rights as a father is to work out a written shared custody agreement. This should ideally be done before the legal separation, provided you were married, goes into effect. If a custody agreement is not reached or executed prior to the legal separation it can become very costly as well as very expensive due it having to go through the court system. An experienced family law attorney can help you, the father, negotiate a fair, just and legally binding written child custody agreement.

Contact Our Fathers Rights Lawyers

To learn more about your rights as a father please contact the Fathers Rights Attorneys at our firm. Let them fight to protect your rights as a father as well as help protect your relationship with your child.

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